My Trainings

The way not to fall when cycling; You must rotate the pedal so that the wheel rotates continuously. Likewise, I believe that surviving the journey of life and the way to success are through continuous education and development, and one way to be happy is through sharing knowledge.

Therefore, I try to take advantage of educational opportunities to keep myself up-to-date and try to share my knowledge and experiences while I could find time.

The Trainings That I Give

Name Of The Training
Digital Marketing:60 hours
Integrated Marketing Management:60 hours
Installation and Optimization of Alternative Service Chan.
:60 hours
CRM Principles & Customer Experience Management
:60 hours
Leadership for Company Owners & Top Managers
:60 hours
Dynamics of Institutionalization For SMEs
:60 hours

The Trainings That I Attended

Name Of The Training
Online Business in UK:24 hours 2018
Bitcoin and Crypto Moneys:4 hours 2017
Access to Fund Resources for Entrepreneurs:8 hours 2017
End-to-End Business Model Planning Training for Entrepreneurs :48 hours 2016
Business English Program:40 hours 2015
Speed Reading Methods:12 hours 2013
Dynamics of Being an Outdoor Team:8 hours 2013
Applied Entrepreneurship Training:60 hours 2012
Effective Speaking and Presentation Techniques:32 hours 2012
Management and Leadership Training:24 hours 2012
Researches in Social Media:8 hours 2012
Digital and Social Media Marketing:60 hours 2011
Effective Leadership Training:60 hours 2011
Risk Management in Projects:16 hours 2010
Principles of Project Management:16 hours 2010
Project Management Certificate Program:120 hours 2009
Effective Speech and Diction Training
:32 hours 2008
Usability in Software Projects Training:16 hours 2007
Intensive MBA Certificate Program:120 hours 2007
Cooperation Based Management Training:16 hours 2007
Sales Management For Everyone:60 hours 2005
.NET Programming & SQL Server Training:72 hours 2003
Operational Budgeting & Follow up Methods:16 hours 2003
Customer Relationship Management:16 hours 2003