Who Is Harun Esener?

Harun Esener

Executive Manager | Management & IT Consultant | Software & Business & Network Developer | Entrepreneur | Mentor

I was born in 1979 in Erzincan which is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey. I had studied primary and secondary school in Erzincan and high school in Kocaeli.
I graduated as the top student from Computer Engineering at Yıldız Technical University, one of Turkey’s best technical universities.

After completing my undergraduate studies, I had started my career and also started to study my MSc in Computer Engineering.

I started my business life as a software specialist at Keysoft Inc. After that, I had worked in many positions at both the technical and business management side of the business life in Garanti Technology, Türk Telekom, Bilge Çözümler and WiseBizTech LTD until I reached the general manager position.

When I look at my business life, I can tell that my business life consists of 4 stages.

The first stage (@ Keysoft & @ GarantiTechnology) ; is the phase in which I had learned the technology-based operation and technical aspect of business life.

In this period; I had started to work as a software development specialist on business intelligence at Keysoft Technology.

Afterwards, I was transferred to the Garanti Technology which is one of the best technology companies in Turkey.

Garanti Technology is a firm that puts IT development and consultancy services into the big corporate firms. And its biggest customer is GarantiBank, one of the biggest bank in Turkey.

I had different roles like software developer, project manager, strategy manager and ITIL manager, in many important projects at Garanti Technology and learned lots of things about IT and banking rules.

The second stage (@ TurkTelekom) ; is the phase in which I learned business and customer management issues such as sales, marketing, customer relations, team management and finance.

During this period, I worked as the senior manager in charge of all alternative service channels ( web, mobil, social media and call centers) at Turk Telekom which is one of the Turkey’s largest telecommunications company.

I and my team established the online & mobile self service channel of Turk Telekom. Thanks to our innovative workings, the number of the members of these self service channels had exceeded 2 million customers in a period of two years.

I and my team had established the online & mobile self service channels of Turk Telekom. Thanks to our innovative works, the number of members of these self-service channels exceeded 2 million customers within two years. Along with our projects, % 15 of all transactions made from customer service channels started to be made from these online and mobile channels.

By the way, I managed a customer care operations ( call centers) team of over 2000 people and my departmant’s annual budget was over $ 40 million.

The third stage (@BilgeÇözümler) ; is the entrepreneurship phase in which I founded my own company after nearly 11 years of working in corporate firms.

This was a period in which I offered business & technology development, government incentives and management consultancy services for SMEs and had learned the commerce.

The fourth and last stage (@Wise Business Tech LTD.) ; is the period when I am aiming to go abroad and do business with the world.

After working in Bilge Çözümler for more than four years, I learned a lot and had a working life of 16 years in total. During this period, the monetary size of the projects and operations that I worked as a part of or managed,  had exceeded over $ 1 billion.

I have thought that I had enough experience in Turkey and needed a new challenge so I decided to establish a new business on abroad. I have planned for a long time how to make business on foreign markets and work abroad.
Lastly, I moved to London in September 2018 and I founded my new company Wise Business Technologies LTD on 29 October 2018.

At Wise Business Technologies, we focus on 2 key business areas;

1. We give the all consultancy and guidance services to the firms that want to do business in  UK market and export from Turkey.

  • The services we offer under this issue  are as follows;
    • Visa Procedures
    • Company Establishment Services
    • Moving and Settlement Services
    • Government Incentives Services
    • Digital Marketing Services
    • Marketing and Sales Channel Development
    • Managing Online Sales Channels
    • Stock and Logistics Management
    • Payment and Collection Solutions
    • Office and Secretarial Support Services
    • Web, Design and Software Development Services
    • Human Resources Supply Services
    • Mentoring Services for Startups

2. We offer services to the companies in UK such as enterprise software development and investing consultancy different sectors in Turkey.

  • The services we offer under this issue  are as follows;
    • Consultancy For Government Incentives For Investing in Turkey
    • Consultancy For Introduction and Investment in Startup Ecosystem of Turkey
    • Consultancy For Real Estate Investment in Turkey
    • Consultancy For Company Acquisition in Turkey
    • Enterprise Software Development Services For UK companies

“Our Business is Our Signature” will still be our basic principle while doing business over our business network in Turkey and England. Hopefully, as long as Allah gives life, I’ll strive to live within our own values ​​and to add value to all mankind.

I have been married since 2006 and have a lovely daughter.

I love traveling, trekking in nature, reading books, playing chess, playing with my daughter and writing to my blog.

I aim to be; 
A good son,
A good husband,
A good father,
A good person.

I am continuing my inner journey to arrive the Perfection.
I am living for developing myself and 'self - actualization'.

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